Gen. 39:1-41:16; Mt. 12:46-13:23; Psa. 17; Prov.3:33-35

In my reading of these 4 passages, I am reminded that being faithful to God is adding to my understanding of His purpose for me.  In Genesis, Joseph was blessed by God as were those around him.  Even when he is accused of doing wrong by his first master’s wife and was imprisoned, God continued to bless Joseph and those around him. In the Matthew passage, Christ lays out four possibilities for the seeds. We are reminded that we can all be on 3 of those possible paths and fail but being on the 4th path, we must be “fruitful and multiply” the teachings to those around us.  We must do everything to bless those fallen around us.  Let’s be humble in our dealings to present Christ to those in need around us.

by Greg Stanfill, Deacon

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