Ever met a proud parent who loves to give you the details about their son or daughter. The four gospels give us such a glimpse into the life of God's Son who came to live among us. Make no mistake. God wanted us to know His story.

Starting in Matthew 1, Matthew lays out for us the genealogy of Jesus starting with Abraham in Genesis 12. Writing to a Jewish audience, he records for us the genealogy all the way back to Abraham. The gospel of Luke 3:23-38 takes Jesus genealogy all they way back to Adam, the son of God. The gospel of Luke is written to a Greek audience whose life and culture were concerned for the search for the perfect man. Both give us details and insight into God's Son and lineage.

Matthew 1:17 in today’s reading lays out the development of the Jesus’ genealogy and breaks it out into the three time periods of OT history.  The first time period is that of the Patriarchs ,(14 Generations) which takes us from Abraham (the first Jew) to David the King of Israel.  The second period takes us from King David to King Jeconiah, the last king during Israel’s exile into Babylon, which we often label as the period of the Kings (14 Generations).  The third time period is the Post Exilic which takes us from Jeconiah to Christ, This period also includes the 400 “silent years” between the Old and New Testament. (14 Generations)  What an amazing, detailed picture of Jesus the gospel writers lay out for us as they record their gospel story about our Savior.

The other two gospel Mark and John each write to a specific audience as well. Each gospel was written to a specific group of people who lived during the time of Christ. Mark, a Roman, writes his gospel to a Roman mindset and John writes his gospel to all men.  

Literally half of the writings in the New Testament record for us the life of Christ and the expansion of His Church. Ummm, I wonder what God’s priority is for us to know about Him and His plans for us. The genealogies of Jesus shows Him to be God's promised Savior for all people.  Let us pursue Him in the story and this gift He has preserved for us in His word.

by Jerry Hull, Children's Ministry Pastor

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