Every Christian should have an answer for this question. It seems simple, but can be hard to put words to sometimes. It is also often sold short. The Gospel, in short, is the good news! The good news that Jesus died for you by being sacrificed on the cross. He died in your place. The problem is, you can’t understand the good news if you don’t already know the bad news. That’s where you have to start.
            A more appropriate question to start with may be who needs to hear the Gospel? The general answer is everybody. But specifically, the Gospel is for sinners! That’s the bad news. You are a sinner! Romans 3:23 says “all have sinned”. But if you don’t understand that you are a sinner, then you have no need for the Gospel. You have to start with the bad news. The more you see your sin, the more you understand your depravity and your need for a solution. That solution is the Gospel!
            Your sin came with the consequence of eternal death (Romans 6:23). But the good news is the Gospel. Jesus already took on that consequence by taking on the eternal death of the cross in your place and then rising again in victory. It would take all of eternity for you to pay out the consequence of your sin. That’s what happens when you try to atone for sin on your own. You can’t do it unless you spend eternity in hell. But Jesus made a way!
            Too often, we stop there. The Gospel is that you’re a sinner, but Jesus died for you. If you believe that, you’re saved. There’s nothing else you need. But even after you believe the Gospel, you are still a sinner. You are justified/forgiven, but you still need the Gospel. You should remind yourself every day that Jesus died for you. You should pursue your relationship with Him every day. You should grow in Him every day. Ephesian 2:1-5 talks about being dead in our sin, but made alive in Christ. If you truly understand that you are a sinner saved by grace, then you understand what the Gospel really is and how much you need it every day!

by Michael Hasty, Deacon

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