When I got the email about writing this blog, it was coming on the heels of almost 2 months straight of sickness for me and my family. I instantly thought, I need to let them know that this isn't something I can do right now because I don't have the mental energy. But as I read the passages, the thing that stood out to me was the parable of the widow with the two mites. She didn't have much to give, but Jesus said that it was all she had and that it was enough. Often, I feel like I can fall into the trap of thinking I need to come up with something profound or exceedingly wise in order for it to be worthy of a blog post, but then I realized that's not where I am right now. And if all I have to give is something small, I know God can use that as well. Ultimately, I know it's God's Spirit who does all of the work always, both in and through me!

by D'Ana Adams, Women's Ministry Team

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