Proverbs 13:1 states that ‘a wise son accepts his father’s discipline.’ The word ‘accepts’ is not in the Hebrew but is implied. And the word translated ‘discipline’ is most often translated ‘instruction’ in the rest of the OT.  It seems that verses 1-3 of chapter 13 all have to do with the mouth…and instruction…so I believe what the text is revealing is that a wise son listens to his parents’ instruction and is, as a consequence, the product of their wise counseling and himself…WISE.    

The ‘scoffer,’ however, does not respect his parents neither does he listen to their counsel.  He is a ‘know-it-all.’  Over the years I have worked with, listened to and counseled many who, while wanting someone to listen to them, have no intention of heeding the guidance or counsel they were given.  Consequently, they eventually found themselves at the end of their road facing severe consequences for their inappropriate decisions…consequences they basically ‘asked for.’  And they are left dumbfounded how they actually arrived at this place!

God says of His people in another passage in today’s reading from Psalm 81, (v.13, 16) ‘Oh that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways.  I would quickly subdue (their) enemies…I would feed (them) with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy (them).’  God wants His people to listen to Him and heed His instructions.  If YOU do, He will protect and provide for YOU!  Instruction in Proverbs; listening to God in Psalms; the unwise disobedience of Achan in Joshua; the Prodigal Son in Luke….all in today’s reading.  It is crazy how often the same emphases find their way into the various passages that are assigned on the same day.  It might even appear that God has several, really important messages He wants us to grasp….like ‘listen to Me’!!  

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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