A famous radio host responds with the same greeting to the question “how are you doing?” every time. His response - “better than I deserve.” During these 4 months of protests against double standards, brutality, and injustice, I’ve been reminded that there is day in the future each of us will receive exactly what we deserve. As believers who are called to salvation by God through His grace alone, the concept of judgement of our works is one we don’t talk about very often. In 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 God makes it abundantly clear that every believer will be judged by God for each of our actions. Every idle thought, impatient response, insensitive email, … no wonder we don’t talk much about this passage.
I can’t imagine anyone looking forward to that moment when their life’s work will be placed on a pedestal and then exposed by God for what it really is. God’s Word is clear, one day it will occur for each one of us. No place to hide, no excuses, no one to blame but ourselves. How can we get ready for a test like that? If I knew a test like that was coming for my kids, I would remind them all the time. God has warned us and we need to listen. Each of us needs to be constantly reminded that we are accountable for every one of our actions.
As we individually strive to seek justice and love mercy in a chaotic culture, we need to be reminded so that when we face God on “that Day” we will be ready to see our actions and our motives as He sees them. One day we will receive rewards or we will “escape as though through a fire” nothing to show for the gift of life He has given us except a pile of ashes and the smell of smoke.
Paul’s message is not one of fear only. Earlier in this same passage Paul describes the work he did in the church as the work of a “master builder.” How did Paul have the confidence to say what he had done would stand up? Paul lived a life of faith one thought, one action, and one day at a time just like God calls us to. Knowing we will stand before God in the future allows us to prepare now for that moment. No matter what the past has been, today is your new day.

by Robert Riggs

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