(2 Samuel 7-8)
In today’s OT reading, King David purposes to build a house for the Lord. The King finds it difficult to believe he lives in a house of cedar and the Lord is still dwelling in tents. But God tells King David through His prophet Nathan that He does not want David to build Him a house. In fact, God ask whom He has ever told, “Why have you not built Me a house of cedar?!”  God has other plans and they did not include Davidic construction project.

Then God turns the tables on David and says, “You will not build a house for Me but I will build a house for you!” (7:11) God promises King David that He will build him a house and that house will last forever. (7:13, 16) David could NEVER come close to building God a house that would last FOREVER . . . but God would build just that sort of house for David. What a gracious, giving, great God we serve! And his unworthiness was not lost on David . . . he could not believe God was going to do this for him! King David was so overwhelmed that the next two chapters find him attempting to ‘pay it forward.’ He graces Mephibosheth (ch. 9) and attempts to do the same with Hanun (ch. 10) – you will read about that tomorrow!

What an example to us! We are unworthy subjects . . . sinful and rebellious. Yet God in His mercy has redeemed us and made us His children. He has forgiven us and blessed us with ‘grace upon grace.’ How have you demonstrated your gratitude for the mercy and gifts God has poured into your life? Who has been the recipient of your lavish forgiveness lately? Has anyone been stopped in their tracks because, while knowing they are undeserving, they have been the target of your unending kindness or bounteous blessing? If you had to think about that for a minute . . . IT’S ABOUT TIME!

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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