Today’s Psalm [84] speaks of spending time with God’s people in God’s presence. Verse 10 states, “A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else! I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God than live the good life in the homes of the wicked.” Those who love the Lord love spending time with His people before Him and they look forward to that time they will be in His immediate presence! The psalmist even says he ‘yearns’ to be in God’s courts.

These days are difficult because, ‘yearn’ as we might, there is a virus preventing some from joining the Bride of Christ in corporate worship. Loneliness, depression, isolation and sadness characterize many people’s thoughts as they contemplate their church and/or church family. But let me encourage you…first of all, the Lord knows your heart and He is aware of your desire to join your spiritual family as they worship before Him. Secondly, this will not last forever. While the CORONA virus has changed much of what we previously knew of church life, it will not survive that time when our King throws ‘death and Hades into the Lake of Fire’ (Rev. 20:14). Your yearning is right!

The very real danger, however, is in allowing that yearning to fade. One should fear substituting true, biblical worship and fellowship with time playing video games or time in front of the TV. Do not allow yourself to begin to believe that the Lord’s dwelling is not lovely (v. 1) or that He does not give grace and glory (v. 11) or that He does not hear your prayer (v. 8) or that the tent of the wicked is better (v. 10). Commit yourself to disciplined worship with your spiritual family because one day here is better than a thousand elsewhere (v. 10)!

by Curt Krohn

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