In Revelation chapter 9, I am reminded how most folks will not accept Jesus as God the Son, the One who died to save them from their sins. It simply says most of humanity “still did not repent of the work of their hands…”

Even from Jesus’ birth there was opposition and refusal to receive Him as Emmanuel. Throughout His three year ministry most folks resisted His claim to be the Lamb of God who has come to be sacrificed for their sins.

But God loves the people of the world and calls this present time the “Day of Salvation”. The statement in Revelation 9  that folks “still did not repent” indicates to me that those men and women will be given God’s great patience and opportunities to turn to Christ.

Share with someone today the true meaning of Christmas: that God was born as a human to die on a cross, so they could receive His gift of forgiveness. Tell them, “God loves you, He sent His Son for you, He wants to save you, and He is still waiting on you.”

by David Marshall

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