“Job 26:1-29:25. Ever ask “Why”? I mean, is that “ok” for a Christian to ask?

Job is a poetical book that paints for us the picture of a faithful servant of the Lord. He encountered very difficult days and almost unimaginable tragedies in the first couple chapters of the book and goes through grueling questions from his friends and wife, and, yet, his heart stayed fixed on the Lord. Walk Thru the Bible has a great keyword visual for each book of the Bible and the picture below always reminds me of the big picture of the book. It is a picture of Job being held securely in the hand of God. Do you picture yourself safe in His hands no matter what comes your way? The keyword summary Walk Thru gives for the book is “Sovereignty”. Does God have the right to allow Satan to bring things into your life that you can’t control but God sovereignly allows? Umm… that’s a deep “why” question, isn’t it? Job, when confronted by God towards the end of the book on that very question, chooses to worship God rather than question God’s sovereignty with all that’s going on.

Will you trust Him and worship Him today and take refuge in his loving arms?

If you’d like to learn the main theme/summary of each of the books of the Old and New Testament, check out the resources they have at Walk Thru the Bible’s website . You can download an app right to your phone or iPad, and it’s an easy way to learn them. Look for the “Old and New Testament Keyword Learning System” for a fun way to learn these for yourself and your family.

by Jerry Hull

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