Lk. 21:1-28

In today’s NT reading, Jesus sits down and talks with His disciples about the days to come. It’s a heady conversation—just look at what Jesus tells them is to come:

- The temple in all its glory would be torn down, and Jerusalem would be overrun by Gentile forces (v. 5-9, 20-24).
- Wars, famines, and earthquakes would come (v. 10-11).
- People who put their faith in Jesus would be persecuted and killed, even betrayed by their own family and friends (v. 12-19).
- Signs in the heavens will cause normal people to “faint with fear and foreboding of what is coming on the world.” (v. 25-26)

But rather than fainting with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, Jesus gives some practical commands: don’t be led astray; be aware that persecution will come; rely on God’s words and wisdom when it does; endure; avoid Jerusalem when it’s surrounded by armies (a really practical command for those who were in the area around AD 70!).

For us who live in a 24 hour news cycle, it’s easy to get caught up in the depressing news of the day. But our call is not to faint with fear and foreboding, but continue in endurance: making disciples, telling others the great news about Jesus. And when the time actually does come for Jesus to return, we can straighten up and raise our heads, because our redemption is drawing near!

by Erik Brommers, Elder

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