A global pandemic, with all of its accompanying social and economic disruption, is as good a time as any to review this essential facet of God's character: He is holy. When we lose sight of the dimensions and meanings of His holiness, Scripture rushes to our aid and supremely so in the Psalms. What does God's holiness mean?
  1. It means that He reigns unimpeachably over the entire earth. To grasp this is to be moved to praise and trembling.
  2. Combined with His global reign is His justice. God is class distinct or supremely unique, one of a kind—holy—because He alone reigns over all nations and He alone does so with perfect justice.
  3. Yet too, the holiness of God means that He reigns AND answers our prayer—just as He did for Moses and Aaron, and Samuel. He is not a king that is aloof and unapproachable.
  4. He answers our prayers but in His justice, does not overlook our sins. We have relationship and fellowship with Him but He is holy. Sin is no light matter. Although He answered the prayers of Moses and Aaron, he also disciplined them (Num. 20:12).
  5. And yet, best of all is that God's holiness, expressed in His justice filled global reign, culminates in this fact: He is our God (Psalm 99:9).
So in the midst of this pandemic we know and love a God who is holy. He orders global affairs, reigns over all nations and situations, will bring perfect justice no matter what's happening at present, hears us when we call, disciplines us for our good, and gives us the privilege of calling Him our God, forever.

by Craig Lester

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