The book of Ruth is a beautifully written story of how God is involved in our everyday lives. The story teller here does not often express explicitly what God is doing and characters only reference God a few times, but we absolutely see His touch throughout every move. While the book of Ruth is a small story, it is a powerful piece of the larger story of God’s redemption for the entire world.
Naomi, the widow, claims her story of tragedy and death and even names herself as bitter, but God was working. Ruth, the Moabite, seemingly gives up her own life in her native land in a gesture of loyalty to Naomi, but God was working. Boaz, the farmer, simply responds to the cultural practice of kinsman redeeming, but God was working.
The conclusion of this book is a genealogy that is often skimmed over quickly as it can be an insignificant read if left to its surface. Dig in a little to the family tree here and you’ll see that because Naomi was widowed, and because Ruth was bold, and because Boaz was noble, and because God is intricately woven through every detail of our lives, David was born, from whom came the lineage of the Messiah.  

by Misty Stern

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