D.A. Carson, in his excellent commentary on John’s gospel, relates the story of one 3rd century philosopher, Porphyry, who sneered at what he viewed as the inability of Jesus in these verses to make us mind.  Did Jesus misstep or fail to make up His mind? No. Quite the contrary.  Here before us is not an undecided mind but is instead a mind “made up”.  That is a mind resolved to only follow the Father’s guidance in all things at all times (John 5:19).  
As always then, a real, rather than superficial, study of Jesus shows us how to live and what kind of person we should always be endeavoring to become. He is eternally worthy of our imitation and a quick look at John 7:1-13 gives us one reason among millions.
Notice here that He only goes when the Father says it is time for Him to go.  He only speaks what the Father has given Him to speak—regardless of the opposition incurred.  He does not move according to human timetables built on unbelief or acquisition of fame for fame’s sake.  All fame, all acclaim is for the Father’s sake.
Part of living like Jesus is learning to trust in the Father’s good plan every step of the way and to seek His glory above all else.

by Craig Lester

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