A devotional from Nicky Gumbel: 
"The writer of Proverbs contrasts ‘the wicked’ with those who pray: ‘The lives of God-loyal people flourish... He delights in genuine prayers. A life frittered away disgusts God; He loves those who run straight for the finish line’ (vv.6a,8b,9, MSG). If you live like this, you will bring great blessing to others.
One important aspect of this is what you say. Your words can transform lives. Whereas ‘cutting words wound and maim’, ‘kind words heal and help’ (v.4, MSG). Even when others are angry towards us, we are reminded that ‘a gentle response defuses anger’ (v.1a, MSG). Use your words to heal, help and encourage others: ‘The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life’ (v.4)."
Lord, help me to pray and use my words to bring blessing to others.

by Lou Dillard

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