In John 12, Jesus talked about a single seed of grain,
How that would predict his death he would have to explain.
Unless the kernel of wheat would be planted in the ground and die,
It would remain a single seed and dormant on the ground would lie.
But if it dies, it will germinate and grow into a plant,
That will produce many more seeds, denying it is a mystery, we can't.
Jesus compared this to a person who fights to love and save his life,
And doesn't give himself to God's control, it will always end in strife.
But if you give your life to Jesus, following wherever he leads,
He will honor you for serving him and provide for all your needs.
Yes, it was a struggle for Jesus to die, he prayed for God to save him,
But in the end chose obedience to the Father and gave his every limb.
The reason Jesus died was so he could be lifted up and draw all men to him,
He glorified the Father and brought light to a world that was dim.
He desires we believe in him and thus the Father and walk in the light,
So we know where we are going and not stumble in the dark of night.
So if we want God to use us like the seed and Jesus Christ, the Son,
We need to die to self and follow Jesus, who the victory over death has won.
Then he will transform us into a light that will shine, into many a heart,
Making Jesus known to those around us with his eternal life to impart.
Written by Dwain V. Fowler - May 2020

by Dwain Fowler

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