Contempt – the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn (disdain, disrespect, derision, mockery, ridicule, loathing, disgust.)
I heard a story about a man who owned an indoor cat and dog who he cared for very much. Yet one day a new love of his life entered their world, a brand new plush electric recliner. The man enjoyed returning home to sit on his recliner but was angered when he caught the cat on his chair. The man had a talk with the cat and dog and explained to them they were not to sit in his chair. He further told them there would be consequences if he caught them on his recliner again.
As you expected he caught the cat on his chair again and without thinking he kicked the cat. The cat went flying, crying and screaming, hit the wall and fell to the floor, but landed on his feet. The cat immediately ran as fast as it could out of the room and out of sight, not to be seen for hours.
Again, as you expected he caught the dog in the chair and was even more mad that the dog didn’t learn from the cat’s experience. Again, out of anger and without thinking he kicked the dog. The dog went flying, yelping and howling, hitting the wall hard and falling to the floor with a thud on his back, not his feet. The dog continued to yelp and whimper. He stood up, but then to the confusion and even amazement of the owner, the dog reacted differently than the cat. The dog walked to the owner wagging his tail with his tongue hanging out, trying to jump and lovingly rub against him. The owner was surprised and kind of angered at the response the dog had. He held the dog in contempt and asked the dog if he recognized the size 10 boots he was wearing. He said I’m the one that just kicked you across the room, don’t you get it, why are you trying to love on me as if I just did you a favor, you dumb dog. You don’t even have as much sense as the cat. (This is a fictitious story to emphasize the exhortation of scripture below, please keep reading!)
The owner failed to recognize and appreciate that the cat and dog were different not wrong. He was wrong to expect them to act and respond the same. To hold the dog in contempt because he behaved like a dog not a cat is a gross misunderstanding. They are God’s creation, wonderfully made, a cat is independent, curious, mischievous, anti-social, yet cuddles at times and so much more. A dog is man’s best friend, protective, hunter, loving and so much more. Different not wrong.
I have demonstrated contempt toward my wife (to my shame many times.) Why? She wasn’t as strong, she was too emotional, always reminding me of stuff, no sense of direction, too organized, always wanting answers to questions, questioned my decisions, brings up Bible verses, loves to go to special church services, wants to go to operas, musicals, hiking, wants me to be the spiritual leader, wants me to be home, and so many other things I can list. NOT WRONG, JUST DIFFERENT – what a gross misunderstanding on my part as a husband. God created us male and female. She may not be as strong, she may be more emotional, have no sense of direction… Her preferences may be different --operas, musicals, hiking, church services. She may be too organized, but she is not wrong, just different. God gave Eve as a helpmate to Adam so thank God she reminds me of stuff, questions my decisions, brings up Bible verses, and wants me to be the spiritual leader.  My wife is there to help me with every aspect of our lives.  She is a co-heir, child of God, and the Holy Spirit guides her, too. So maybe the Holy Spirit, by her questions, is trying to protect us. Not Wrong, Just Different. 1 Peter 3:7 ESV "Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.”

by Manuel Calderon

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