Wake up each morning praying?  Is that your first activity of the day? It was for the author of Psalm 5.
“The Hebrew word for bow down (often trans. “worshiped,” e.g., Ex. 34:8) signifies prostrating oneself, a posture that represents the proper inner attitude toward God in worship. The wicked are arrogant; a worshiper is humble before God.”  (The Bible Knowledge Commentary. By Allen P. Ross)
There has always been a great chasm between the wicked and the righteous.  Between those who are, “boastful, bloodthirsty and deceitful,” verses. 9-10 and those who fear the Lord and bow down to Him verse 7. This Psalm leads us in prayer and focuses our attention on God.  Even in times when the world seems like it’s coming unglued, God has a plan for us no matter how much our world seems to spiral off course. The Lord will deal with the evil in our world and all those who rebel against Him. Verses 4-6 and 9-10 show us God’s thoughts on the wicked and those who rebel against Him. Verses 1-3, 7-8, and 11-12 show us what God is like and His thoughts for us. Our focus and response is to turn to Him who is our refuge and our shield. Read this Psalm slowly and let these statements about God sink deeply in your heart.  They will cause you to start each morning rejoicing; they will give you insight into His heart of love for you and all those who love Him.  Listen closely to these statements about who He is and what He’s like from the ESV.
“He is the one who hears our prayers and our groaning”  vs.1   
“He is the King and my God” vs. 2   
“The Lord hears our voice and watches us” vs. 3  
“Evil may not dwell with Him” “He does not delight in wickedness"
vs. 4  
“He hates evildoers” vs. 5  
“He destroys those who speak lies”  
“He abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man” vs. 6  
“He has steadfast love and He is to be feared” vs.7  
“He can lead us in His righteousness” vs. 8  
“He is the judge and will make them bear their guilt, fall by their own counsels and cast them out” vs. 10 
“He is our refuge and the cause of our rejoicing and singing” “He spreads protection over those who love and exult in Him” vs. 11 
“He blesses the righteous, and covers them with favor as
with a shield” vs. 12 
Quite a list of promises of Who He is and how He responds to evil. He is for those who love Him and take refuge in Him.  Have a great day and pray with the psalmist his prayer as he looks to a world around him impacted by sin. Pray for compassion as Pastor Curt reminded us to do on Sunday and for those who are lost and need God’s love.  As believers, we live in a world impacted by sin and sinners, and, were it not for the grace of God, we would be stuck in the confusion and wickedness sin’s curse brings. He has not stumbled, and there will be a great eternal penalty for those who rebel and reject Him. Jesus came and died for our sins and because of Him all who believe in Him receive His forgiveness.  He changed everything and provided the only way for sinful men to be reconciled to God.  He has given us a great commandment and great commission to follow. I wrote this phrase in my Bible at a conference, and I think about it often. “Be careful how you live, you may be the only Bible some people ever read.” 
May those around us see what God is like through our lives and our acts of compassion. Keep your hearts encouraged, and “let all who take refuge in Thee be glad,” and stay focused on who God is. Meditate on this Psalm and start your day out right as you “Live to make Him Known”.  

by Jerry Hull

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