Romans 13:8  "Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law."
The Apostle Paul goes on to explain in verse 9 how several of the commandments received in the Old Testament are summed up in the one command of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Verse 10 simplifies things even more by stating that love does no harm to a neighbor.
We often hear, “God is love.” As imitators of Christ, we, too, are to exemplify this characteristic by loving others. We are to love others regardless of outward appearance, race, social standing, education level, or whatever. Love needs to be demonstrated to be felt – a lack of malice does not demonstrate love. We can show love in many ways – through our actions, big and small; through our words, those spoken or not spoken, our tone of voice; a simple sign of respect; a smile (though difficult to see, these days).
As you stay in or go out about your business, meeting people in person or virtually, make a point of showing love to those with whom you interact. Let the love of Christ shine!

by Matt Dawson

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