How often do we find ourselves calling upon the Lord but forgetting to listen for His response? How often do we forget to “do” what the Lord tells us to do? Well the psalmist did not forget; as our verses today remind us. When the Lord said: “Seek my face”; David said in his heart; “Yes, Lord, thy face will I seek”. When you cry out for the Lord’s mercy do not forget to set your heart on listening for the Lord’s response; for He is the God of our salvation.  
God of our salvation
Our Lord is the God of our salvation; He does not hide His face from His faithful servant. Even if your mother or father forsook you the Lord will be there to take you up; so do not fear! Do not fear any of those who may rise up against you; for the same Lord that takes you up is the same Lord that will make your path straight and deliver you from your enemies.

Wait on the Lord
So wait on the Lord! You will not find one person from Adam, to you, to me, to the last person that will be born on this earth that can say that they followed our Lord’s path and it led them nowhere! You cannot find one person who can say; our Lord “was” carrying them then He dropped them! You cannot find one person who can say; they pled for God’s mercy and He did not care. I believe as the psalmist said: the goodness of the Lord is STILL in the land of the living!
So, faithful reader, with good courage and knowing that He will strengthen thine heart: wait on the Lord.

by Anaucia Brannon 

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