There are days when all of us find ourselves sad.  Some days we find it difficult to identify the genesis of our sadness.  It could be a result of a bad dream, hormones, an event from the previous day, physical aches and pains or it could have a myriad of other causes. 
It is, however, always appropriate for us to evaluate whether or not our sadness is a result of a break in our fellowship with the Lord.  Sin is nefarious and deceptive and, if  cherished and not repented of, causes our fellowship with the Lord to suffer.  In Psalm 32, King David confesses his sin to the Lord.  He said that before he confessed his iniquity the Lord's hand was heavy on him and his body wasted away.  But then David says that those whose sin is forgiven...covered...not imputed are blessed!  When we walk in fellowship with the Lord, when we confess our sin, He will surround us with loving kindness, we will be glad and be able to rejoice! 
There is potential that your need in overcoming the current state of sadness you find yourself in is to ask the Lord to ‘see if there is any hurtful way in you’ (Ps. 139:24).  Then confess that ‘wicked way’ (KJV) and watch the Lord work!  

by Curt Krohn

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