Psalm 33 gives us another timely reminder of God's awesome power, steadfastness and love. Verse 6 says "The Lord merely spoke and the heavens were created, He breathed the word and all the stars were born." The vastness of the heavens and massive size of the stars is beyond human comprehension, yet our Lord spoke them into being. On an earthly level, verse 7 says " He gave the sea its boundaries and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs."  As someone who spent over four years at sea, often for months at a time while in the navy, I can personally attest to how large the seas and oceans are. My time at sea was often affected by the "plans of the nations", but verse 10 says "The Lord shatters the plans of the nations". I imagine that this usually occurs when a nation's plans go against the Lord's plans. Verse 11 says "The Lord's plans stand firm forever." We should not lament, however, when the Lord shatters the nation's plans, or our plans, because verse 4 and 5 say "everything He does is worthy of our trust", "His unfailing love fills the earth."    

by Jeff Frost

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