Hebrews 1 is an amazing chapter! A few incredible facts about Jesus are highlighted: He made the universe, He is the exact representation of God, He sustains all things, He provided purification for sins, He sits in Majesty in heaven, He is God’s Son, angels worship Him, He will rule eternally, and more.

Jesus Himself said when you see Him, you have seen the Father, just another way of saying He is the exact representation of God the Father. He also said that everything the Father does, the Son does, again claiming He is equal to God. Jesus also claimed that He would purify all who believe in Him from their sins by giving His life as a ransom for many.

Therefore we see a wonderful unity between the teachings of Jesus about Himself and the facts about Christ in Hebrews 1. One of the infallible proofs that the Bible is truly God’s Word is that it does not contradict itself about Jesus. This truth is something to share with someone as it would encourage them and give them a greater trust in God’s Word. Lord Jesus, may we follow Your command to teach others everything You have taught us, that You are God who became a man to give Your life for our sins.

by David Marshall

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