Last November I was settling in to my new life. Our youngest son had gone off to college and my wife and I were now “free birders”. (We’ve never liked to focus on the negative image the term “empty nesters” conjures up so I’m trying to get this new term started.) We settled into a less hectic pace and were enjoying meals together. I had even pulled out a calendar and we started planning weekends away and day trips. Several work projects were on the horizon so we knew we needed to wait a few months, but soon we would begin our rediscovery of one another without weekend soccer tournaments and high school activities. A few months later and our plans came to a screeching halt along with the rest of the worlds. Covid-19 changed our plans. Our sons came back from college, spring break was extended and then their classes changed to fully online. Our traveling plans were replaced with 4 months of meals together. Loved being able to spend time with them again, but not what we had planned.

In today’s One-Year-Bible reading, God calls my simple act of taking my life for granted without recognizing God’s power to change my steps “arrogance”, and even worse, “evil” (James 4:16). God calls my lack of consideration for Him and of His power evil. I ignored the God of all creation in making my short and long-term plans. At some point on the path towards evil, I decided that I would make my own schedule. Independent of God I decided I wanted to be autonomous. Like Adam and Eve in the garden, I wanted to call my shots and make my rules.
Over the past 8 months, more than ever before, I’ve learned that God is in control. His Word spoken through James 2,000 years ago is just as true today as it was when it was first written. I’ve been arrogant to presume I was able to direct my days.

I humbly come to You, God of all creation, and ask for forgiveness and healing from my sin. Help me to never take you for granted again. Stop me from trying to run my life apart from You. You are the maker of life, and time, and days. You are my Master. Give me eyes to see when I try to take control from your hand and strengthen my trust in You to lead me.

by Robert Riggs

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