I Chronicles 1:28-31
So far I have not had a passage to write about that contained genealogies. A list of names, how boring can it get? Most of them I cannot begin to pronounce correctly! Maybe I can just skip over them and get to the important stuff. Yeah, that is what I will do, I will skip the genealogies and read the rest! Then, we started reading the Bible annually and it seemed like cheating to not read it all, so, I now read it all, mispronouncing and all!
That is when it hit me. There is a list of names I am on that I do not want anyone to skip over. And, I am not talking about Santa’s naughty and nice list. It is the list of those of us who have accepted Christ. We are part of Christ’s genealogy, we belong to Him! And, I do not want anyone to skip over my name on His list!
I hope the next time you come to a list of names in a passage that you limber up your tongue, do some facial exercises and start reading. Why? Because, like me, I am not sure that anyone on those lists would want us to skip over their names, just like me.                                                                                                                                                  

by Paul Kightlinger

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