“Remember my servant Job” – one of my favorite Old Testament books and one that applies to all Christians with the issues we face today.  Our nation has Covid-19, political and social unrest, economic and many other issues that we need to deal with. We can look to the trials of Job for strength and inspiration.  Job was right to seek wise counsel from others for his trials and troubles, but we must be very careful with the advice we receive. Bildad and Zophar were friends who gave very bad advice as did Job’s own family. They placed the blame on Job for God’s punishing him and his family. Job himself questioned why and what he had done and despaired of God’s treatment of him. Job loathes his own life and speaks of all his complaints.

With all these trials, Job remains steadfast in his faith and rebukes his accusers. He talks about the power of God, His wisdom, His faithfulness and His understanding.

As Christians, we need to remain faithful and follow Job’s example not just for today’s issues but in the future as well.

by Jim Hallbauer

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