I am not a professional counselor by any means, but like any of us, I have had the opportunity to offer my opinion or give advice on occasion. Sometimes it was asked for, sometimes I offered it unsolicited. In Job 32-34, Elihu, the youngest of the men talking to Job, offers his opinion and advice to Job after the older men present have spoken to Job. From what he says to Job, I took away a few "DON'T'S" on counseling. First, it is not always wise for younger men to give counsel to much older men. It may not be good advice, and may not be well received. Second, don't offer counseling out of anger or frustration. Counseling out of love and compassion is better. Lastly, when counseling, don't talk just to hear yourself talk. Sometimes a quiet and listening presence is much more helpful.

by Jeff Frost

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Michael A. Burner, Jr. - February 26th, 2021 at 11:06am

It is interesting that the Lord didn't rebuke or mention the younger Elihu? Also, Job's friends did wait a week before speaking. To me, this seems like real good friends.






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