In Number 13, the LORD tells Moses to, “send men to spy out the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the people of Israel.” And so for 40 days the spies surveyed the land. They saw the giants of the land, and the fortified cities. They saw the grapes and the pomegranates and the figs. They saw a land flowing with milk and honey. They saw ALL that the land had to offer, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And so when the spies returned to report back to the people, they reported that…”we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers…”. It made sense. You have this great land, but it’s full of giants and large protected cities. Unbelief makes sense! Unbelief makes total sense to YOU. And that is a scary thought. It will make total sense for a person not to believe God. I think that is why God tells you beforehand, “I am giving” the land to you. Because your job is not to determine if what God has said is accurate or feasible. Your job is to believe!

Out of 12 spies only 2 believed and returned with a good report. True faith changes the way you think and reason. It changes how you see things. It will cause you to see GIANTS as giants. It will cause you to see FORTIFIED CITIES as fortified cities. And so what we often find in life is that, out of 12 only 2 will choose the path of faith. It is a narrow and lonely path for those who will walk into the fullness of what God has spoken and promised.

Unbelief makes sense. It makes sense in the life of the person who doesn’t know what God has said, and it makes sense in the life of the one who is dependent on their own reasoning and understanding. So all of this leaves us with two questions. Do you know what God has said AND is saying, AND will you hold to it no matter what you think makes sense?

by Marc Stern

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