Deuteronomy 21:10 -25:19.
My first reading through this section of Deuteronomy. I was interested in the details of the "if - then" scenarios. And how some sections were then followed by additional "if -then" s.
The majority of the multiple "if-then" had to do with the human-human interaction. Wives, sons & brothers, oh my.  But that is the nature of laws. They have to try to anticipate the unknown. Not every egregious act follows the one before it. Humans have learned to think out side the box.

While Deuteronomy lays out laws for Israel it also captures the heart of God. Be kind to one another [and their animals]. Be fair in treatment of one another including slave and servants [wages for service]. Take care of your environment with proper sanitation and crop rotation. And maintain the respect for God and His creation that is in His image [appropriate attire, chastity and respect for marriage vows].

God is to be revered and His laws followed. The "then" I noticed would be severe consequences for non-obedience. Stoning and appendage removal among them.   For the Israelites under these laws it shows God to be fatherly, fair and to be feared.

by Perin Warren

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