Joshua was a pretty famous guy. He makes his way into a lot of sermons for his faith, both before entering the land of Canaan and during its conquest. Probably his most known moment was the defeat of Jericho. His faith was on display before that though, as he faced his first test as the leader of Israel. Between the children of Israel and their land of promise was the Jordan river in full flood state. Joshua 3-4 relates God’s promise and deliverance in this crossing. You have to remember that only Joshua and Caleb were left of the generation that remembered the crossing of the Red Sea. For the current generation, it was a story passed on by their parents. God now promised Joshua to establish him as the leader by doing a similar act in the sight of all Israel.
The Game Plan: walk into the river and watch the water stop for you. Sounds simple enough, right? But what if God did not come through? What if he was hearing wrong? What if? What if…? Oh, the many doubts that I am sure crept into Joshua’s mind. It was not just about going to the water and seeing if God did it. Joshua had to mobilize the entire people, and the priests that carried the ark, and get them all prepared to cross. If this failed, it would not just be disappointment, it would be embarrassment before the people he was leading and the enemies on the other side. This was the high stakes moment where all believers want to see God do the impossible, and yet so many of us do not want to be the one in charge if it does not work out.
Imagine the tension building as they drew close, how Joshua must have felt watching the priest’s toes touch the water, and his elation as God came through. The standing stones in the middle of the Jordan bore witness to His deliverance. As we contemplate this miracle, it should inspire each of us to seek to be used by God in equally incredible ways. Just remember though, the riverbank was not the only time where faith was needed. Faith was necessary from the moment the promise was given, and in each step of faith leading up to the river.
What are you looking for God to do in your life this week? What miracle do you need God to perform on your behalf? We have been given the Holy Spirit and the promise of the kingdom of God at our request. We can ask anything of our Father, so why don’t we see moments like this more often? Maybe the question we need to ask is what steps are we failing to take on our way to the riverbank? Are we too afraid of what might happen if God fails us? Are we nervous about looking ridiculous in front of those we are called to lead, or those that stand opposed to us? Today, try a new question: What if God does come through? What if He is as faithful today as He has always been? What if we walk like it?... Let’s go cross the Jordan River and live in the Promises of the kingdom of God y’all.

by Ben Urban

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