Three times in today’s chronological Bible reading David demonstrated a deep trust in God’s sovereignty and leadership. The first time we see this trust it shows up when Joab, David’s military general, kills Abner, Saul’s military general. Abner came to David and communicated his support of David’s kingship over all Israel. But Joab’s anger overcame him and he killed Abner in what was an ambush. Then, Ish-bosheth, one of Saul’s sons, was murdered while in his own bed by two of David’s men. These men thought they were supporting David’s rise. David did not see it that way and had them immediately executed. Finally, David references in chapter four his meting out of justice to the one responsible for killing King Saul.

These acts were accomplished by those believing they were behaving in David’s best interest. They were attempts at clearing the field of impediments to his assumption of the throne. They were defending God’s honor. They were bringing vengeance upon a family who had sought David’s life. But David knew his God was bigger. These murdered leaders were not impediments to his God. These men did not stand in the way of God’s will for him. David had a deep confidence in God’s Word to him and trusted God to bring it about.

How are you working to ensure God’s will is guaranteed in your circumstance? What are you actively doing to defend God’s honor? How does your behavior demonstrate your concern that God might not be able to deliver or provide in the manner He has promised? David’s God…and your God…has demonstrated most clearly that He is able by raising Jesus from the grave. He will provide. He will deliver. And nothing in your life, your culture or your surroundings will alter what He has promised.

by Curt Krohn

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