God, through His servant David, models in Psalm 7 how to face adversity in desperate times. The Psalm was written by King David during a time when his life was in danger and his enemies were strong and powerful. David begins by praising the One who is his refuge and he ends by giving thanks and singing praise to his LORD. But between the beginning and the end, David declares, 1) his enemies are powerful and will do him harm, 2) God is good and will aid the innocent, 3) God punishes the wicked and even uses their works to drive their downfall.

Like King David, we face the unknown. Health issues, family turmoil, work anxiety, an unstable financial future and fear are just a few of the daily struggles that are common to us all. Some dwell on the possible future and spiral into fear, inaction, and despair. Others are oblivious or even dismissive to the possible downfalls.

Just like David trusted in God even during a time his life was in immediate danger, we too can depend on a powerful God who is good. Our God who is able to take the plans of David’s enemies and turn them back on them is able to handle our adversary even when it takes the form of a medical diagnosis, defaming words from a long-time “friend”, financial or work stress or any other hurdle that we face. Ultimately, our God, the one true God, is our refuge. He is worthy of our praise and our song of joy.

When was the last time you sang to the only Refuge that will not let you down?

by Robert Riggs

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