As the time gets closer for David to depart, he begins to give his farewell speech. He gathers all the leaders in Israel, and He begins to prepare them for the transfer of the kingdom to Solomon. He communicates to them the vision and the man who will carry out that vision next, and he connects them both to God. God chose Solomon, and God has chosen Solomon to build His house and courts. He makes this clear not so much as to the people but to the leaders of Israel. This is the casting of vision, and the unifying of the leaders of Israel around that vision. He is giving them the one thing that has the power to keep and protect kingdoms, organizations, and even families during times of transition and change. Vision!

As husbands, as wives, as mothers and fathers, as leaders in the community, as managers on your jobs…do you have VISION? Can you see? Do you know what God wants? Are you walking in that? Are you ready to transfer that to the next generation and to your kids and to your employees and to your community? Without it…the people perish…your family will run wild…your community will live without restraint! Your “kingdom”, the domain God has given you to steward, will fall!

And so we pray, Father open our eyes, and give us vision. Help us to see and to know so clearly that we live it and pass it to someone else…for the sake of Your Kingdom!

Amen…So Be It!

By Marc Stern

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