We read in the text for today that King Asa of Judah had a heart wholly committed to the Lord all his life. Yet later in years, when attacked by neighboring Israel, instead of looking to the Lord for help as he had earlier in his reign (see yesterday’s blog entry), he emptied the treasuries of the Lord’s temple to hire mercenaries from Aram to fight his battle. For this, he was rebuked by God and promised a life of war. Instead of repenting when hearing this news. Asa became angry.

I have heard many well-meaning friends say, “God helps those who help themselves.” It sounds nice, but this “proverb” is found nowhere in Scripture. The truth is that God helps those who rely on him, clinging to him in good times and bad. Let us ask the Lord to give us the faith to rely on him in all things, and to give us the humbleness to repent when we fail.

by Matt Dawson, Deacon

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