Hosea was a prophet of GOD. He prophesied in the period of time 750 to 725 BC. He was a prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel also called Ephraim. He was directed by GOD to take a wife who was an adulterous person. She was immoral. She was unfaithful. The name of the woman was Gomer. They had three children. Two boys and a girl. The name of each child represented a particular future event in the history of Israel. In chapter 2 verse 2 indicates that Hosea divorced Gomer. She was no longer his wife because she was unfaithful. According to chapter 3 verse 1and 2 he remarries her because of his great love for her and pays 15 pieces of silver and one bushel of barley and another half bushel for her to buy her out of slavery.

This is an example or physical picture of GOD'S relationship to Israel. Spiritually GOD was the husband of Israel. She was His wife. Because of Israel's unfaithfulness and spiritual adultery GOD divorced Israel. He gave her a writing of divorce. GOD brought judgment on the nation of Israel. Israel was stripped of her beauty, stripped naked and sold into the nations of the world.

In chapter 2 we have the revelation that GOD will again remarry Israel just as Hosea did with Gomer. GOD'S love for Israel is so great that He will regather Israel and restore her as his wife. He will be her GOD. She will be His people. His blessings will be on Israel once again. All of the old testament prophets foretold the future events in which Israel would be scattered into the nations of the world because of their unfaithfulness to GOD. But also that GOD would regather Israel in the end of the age. How wonderful to know that GOD will fulfill His prophetic promises to Israel His elect people. GOD is faithful and a covenant-keeping GOD. All praise to His great and holy name.

by Clois Clark, Elder

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