King Nebuchadnezzar was full of himself (a condition not unusual for monarchs of his day). Daniel 4:30 records his boast: “Look at this great city of Babylon! By my own mighty power, I have built this beautiful city as my royal residence to display my majestic splendor.” (nlt)

God, however, saw things quite differently. Nebuchadnezzar may have been the most powerful person on earth, but God wanted him to understand that there was someone greater than he—someone who “rules over the kingdoms of the world, and gives them to anyone He chooses.” And so God arranged a seven-year “course of study” for Nebuchadnezzar to accomplish that purpose.

It was a very difficult “course”—seven years of insanity, living outside like a wild animal. When he finished the “course,” Nebuchadnezzar wanted everyone is his kingdom to know what God had done for him. So he sent his testimony to not just a few people, but to “the people of every race and nation and language throughout the world.”

(Nebuchadnezzar’s testimony was most unusual for a monarch, for rather than extolling his accomplishments, he told of his humiliation. And it’s remarkable that God preserved his position during those seven years, and restored him to his throne.)

God purposed that Nebuchadnezzar would recognize Him for who He is, and honor and glorify Him. God has the same desire for us—to know Him, glorify Him, and tell others about Him. But our “course of study” isn’t just seven years long—it lasts the rest of our lives. As Phil. 2:13 says, “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.” (nlt)

How are you doing in your course of study? Do you see God at work in you? Do you desire to glorify Him, and share with others what He has done for you?

by Darrel Eppler, Elder

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