Being a Funeral Director I have probably thought about death and the afterlife as much if not more than most. I have experienced death on a personal level more times than I care to mention. When Pam died five years ago I could not believe how much it hurt and I wondered if that pain would ever go away (in my case I found that the pain is still there, it is just not as acute as it once was). I still think about death and the transition from this life to the next and after experiencing great loss in my life, I do not understand how anyone can handle this without Christ in their life, to me it would be impossible!

Part of our reading for today is Daniel 12:1-13. My Bible has entitled this chapter ‘The End of Days.’ I have read and reread these thirteen verses many times and I have read many interpretations of this chapter. After all of this, I can honestly say that to me the most important verse is thirteen. “As for you, go your way until the end. You will rest, and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance.” Now, we should understand that the word ‘rest’ is a comfortable substitution for “die.” We also need to think about Daniel and the life he lead. He worshiped God in spite of tremendous opposition and persecution. The pressure he endured to forsake his God and His ways was unimaginable. Yet he persevered and God blessed him. So when we read, “go your way until the end,” we need to realize that Daniel’s way was truly God’s way.

As I sit here writing this I cannot think of a better way to approach the end of my days than verse thirteen. I need to stay true to God and His truths. I need to share Christ with others. I need to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit. I have found through the years of my life that God’s promises are kept promises. I cannot foresee that changing as my life draws near its end. God bless.

by Paul Kightlinger, Elder

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