Nicodemus, a Jewish leader, is coming to Jesus to learn more because of the miracles Jesus does. Nicodemus proclaims that Jesus is a teacher from God. Jesus tells him, “he must be born again.” Nicodemus doesn’t understand this.

Jesus tells Nicodemus that he teaches what is known and can be proven. But he must believe to know heavenly things. Compare this to the wind. We can’t see the wind but we know it is there because we can see the effects of it. Like the Holy Spirit we don’t know who is saved and who isn’t.

Like Nicodemus we need to believe that the Spirit is working. So with my motorcycle clubs I try to share even if the “wind” may not seem to be blowing. It’s about faith and just doing. We do not know who is saved and who isn’t.

Jesus tells him that God has sent His Son to save the world and we must accept Jesus as our Savior, “as a gift,” to atone for our sins and enter into heaven as one of God’s children.

Most important – God loves us so much He sent his His only Son to pay the way for us to live in heaven with Him forever. The Wind knows where it is going

by Greg Mortimer, Deacon

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