YEAH, BUT ...!

(Mk 9:14-50; Mt. 17:14-27; Lk 9:37-50; Mt 18:1-35)

Our minds always seem to want to secure an advantage regardless the circumstance. I regularly hear, from adults and children, “Yeah, but…!” It is a way of saying, “I heard what you said but think I have a better idea…one that will benefit me!” Your doctor advises, “You should go on a diet” and you say, “Yeah, but how do I stop eating Krispy Kreme?!” One person says, “You drive too fast!” and the driver responds, “Yeah, but I’m always in a hurry and people are so slow!” Our flesh is not inclined to simply accept truth.

Today’s texts contained much significant teaching from the life of Christ. We read of a father whose son was demon-possessed and the disciples were powerless to exorcize it. Jesus taught the need for His disciples to become like little children and that if someone made a little one stumble it would have been better if he had made himself a millstone necklace. Today’s text stated that we should cut off or pluck out any part of our bodies that cause us to stumble because it would be better to enter eternity maimed than Hell whole. Jesus revealed that He was going to be killed…and today’s text contained so much more. But all you hear from the apostles is, “Yeah, but, Lord, who is the greatest?!” I believe one reason they were so dull of hearing is that they had their own agenda and were not truly listening to the Lord. It may have looked like they were listening but their repeated “Yeah, buts….!” demonstrated they were not.

What has the Lord spoken to you about recently and then heard from you, “Yeah, but…!” “Yeah, Lord, I’ll obey but give me a couple months.” Or “Yeah, I know I should tell my Dad I love him but he is such a jerk!” Or “Yeah, I recognize I have a struggle with online porn but I am too scared to call Jordan and get in the group.” “Yeah, but…!” is not obedience. “Yes, Lord!” is obedience. Whether you are a child or an adult, if you are a disciple of Jesus, this is a phrase we should all be more familiar with!

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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