Luke 17:11-19
In today’s text Jesus is seen to heal 10 lepers. These 10 all cried out for the Lord to heal them. Jesus’ instructions were that they go show themselves to the priests. As they were doing what He had instructed, they were healed. Interestingly, only one of the 10 returned to express gratitude to Jesus. Jesus demonstrates His surprise at their ingratitude with this question, “Were not 10 cleansed? But the 9 – where are they?” It seems Jesus expected all 10 to be grateful and then return to Him and communicate that gratitude. But it didn’t happen that way.

In fact, the only one to returned to give thanks….one….a Samaritan. The one demonstrating gratitude was the one ‘on the outside’…the outcast….the rejected. Where were those who were ‘spiritual’ or at least religious or…Jewish?! We cry ‘Lord, save me’ and then He does and we so quickly forget His grace and deliverance. Martin Luther said, “God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us.” Too often we are full of ourselves. We are possessed of arrogance and pride and self-determination. The Lord wants to be our focus and our filling.

The word ‘Eucharist’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘thanksgiving.’ When we come to the Lord’s Supper we should give thanks for all He has done for us. Last time you participated with your spiritual family in Communion did you give thanks for His grace? When was the last time you actually gave thanks? When was the last time you gave thanks for answered prayer or for the Lord clearly accomplishing something for you? When was the last time you gave thanks when things were not so good? Thanksgiving is something believers should be really good at….all the time. Why not make a list each day for the next week of 10 things you are grateful to the Lord for?!

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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