The Lord Jesus strove to challenge even the religious leaders to believe in Him. He sometimes used difficult questions. While discussing the Christ, Jesus asked “Whose son is He?” They responded, “the son of David.” Then He references Psalm 110:1 with a profound question. If they answered correctly, it would open their understanding of the Messiah. Let me paraphrase: King David wrote Psalm 110 in the power of the Holy Spirit. Yahweh (Lord) said to David’s Adonai (Lord) to sit while Yahweh defeats Adonai’s enemies. Jesus was revealing that the verse was not referencing David’s victories as king. David is not Adonai here. But how could a descendant of King David be Adonai over the patriarch David? The religious leaders left - either they did not know or dared not to answer.

If the religious leaders used their minds and thought “outside the box,” they agreed Adonai must have been born of the human lineage of King David. But to be greater than King David, Yahweh must have also been Adonai in David’s lineage. The truth, a descendant of David, being fully God and fully man (as also testified by Jesus in other discussions) must have “blown their minds.”

But Jesus next focused on the heart issues of the religious leaders in Matthew 23. It was a rebuking discourse, but not because of their mental difficulties about Psalm 110:1. Sometimes we should also review our heart attitudes.
The widow gave all she had as an offering, a tiny coin
and the religious leaders did not see it.
Do we befriend the poor?

The religious leaders gave large tithes
And they made sure the people saw their tithe.
Do we tithe as an act of worship?

The religious leaders taught an impossible relationship with God,
The people were overwhelmed by details.
Do we “make much of Jesus?”

The religious leaders promoted themselves as Father, Teacher, Leader;
The people were forced to respect them.
Do we humbly lead by putting others first?

As Christians it’s easier to strive to do the right things but our heart attitude is not always right. We need to first covet our relationship with our daddy Father. Then we humbly serve God by purposely serving with love our brothers and sisters. It is a heart issue. Yes, I would use my mind above my heart to figure out Psalm 110:1. But to love the Word with our mind it also needs our hearts to lovingly move us. See the marginalized, make Jesus known to all kinds of people, be a servant-leader called by all “my brother” or “my sister."

by Steve Sagué, Elder

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