I ask, who is Jesus to you?

In Mark 15:2, Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you king of the Jews?” It was a question of life or death. He answered not with a “yes” or “no” but with a statement: “you have said so.” If Jesus had answered him directly, Pilate might have pronounced a judgment and been done with Him. Instead, Jesus essentially forced Pilate to answer the question “who do you say I am?” (Mark 8:29).  
Next, Pilate let the crowds decide who to crucify – Barabbas the murderer or Jesus the “king of the Jews.” Once again, the life and death question was: “who is Jesus to you?” The chief priests knew that the crowds would probably choose Jesus but, out of envy, stirred them up to choose Barabbas.  The crowds released Barabbas and led Jesus away to be mocked, spat upon, and tortured to death.

Jesus asks everyone – political leaders, spiritual leaders, and even common people – the most crucial question of all time. The answer is a matter of life and death; not His but your own.

So, I ask us all again to consider our answer to life’s greatest question – who is Jesus to you?

by Donna Schleif, Women's Ministry Team

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