As I read these two chapters of the books of Acts, I could not help but wonder about some of the things that had gone on before. We read today of Philip casting out demons and the city rejoicing. We were thrilled when the Ethiopian Eunuch trusted Christ and was baptized. We were awed when Peter raised Dorcas from the dead. And Aeneas…8 years being bed-ridden then healed!?!? And so much more. But I found myself wondering what occurred just before each of these incidents.

How had the demons Philip cast out ravaged the city, the families and lives of those they invaded? What struggles had the Ethiopian Eunuch faced and what abuse did he endure prior to trusting Christ and being baptized? Dorcas faced death. Was it a painful dead…had she lingered with an incurable disease? And one cannot imagine the trial of being bed-ridden as Aeneas for 8 years! These characters in today’s reading faced very difficult and, most likely, extremely painful circumstances before the Lord touched them. But He touched them.

I also wondered what these same characters’ responses were after the Lord’s touch. We know the city of Samaria rejoiced after the demons were cast out! But what of the Eunuch or Dorcas or Aeneas? There is something I am pretty sure of…and that is that they did not look back and question why the Lord had allowed or brought the difficulties He had into their lives. They were amazed by His grace and thrilled with His healing and lived in the light of His love. What struggles are you facing today? What difficulties has the Lord brought or allowed into your life? How long have you waited for His touch? Whether near or far, we can be assured that the Lord will redeem our circumstances. One day He will right all wrongs. One day we will be with Him where all will be holy and perfect. And one day, we will participate as all creation confesses our Savior is King of Kings and Lord of lords…one day! I think this is a part of what it means to ‘wait on the Lord.’

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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