In Romans chapter one the Bible clearly tells us that there will be no “excuse” or defense a person can give if he or she does not believe the Good News about Jesus. Every person’s personal responsibility to believe in and put their faith in Jesus Christ is highlighted in this chapter. A list of wrong choices and sins by humans is given that explains why God’s wrath is coming upon unbelievers.

For example, lost folks suppress the truth, exchange the glory of God, exchange the truth about God, exchange natural sexual relations, and don’t think God is worth believing. Lost folks covet, murder, lie, and disobey their parents to name just a few sins.

In spite of all of this, God loves lost folks and paid for all of these sins and more on the cross. Though most folks will reject the Good News and have no excuse or defense, many who believe will be saved in these last days. What a joy to offer folks the one defense that will make them be declared “not guilty” and “righteous”. What a joy to let folks know that Jesus took their deserved punishment for them.

by David Marshall, Chairman of the Elders

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