As I have read through the Bible this year, it has been a constant reminder of the consistent disobedience of God’s people and the consequences of our actions.  

John gives us perfect visuals (word pictures) of these consequences upon unrepentant people using God’s 7 bowls of wrath.  God’s patience with sinful people is gone.  “It is done.” (Revelation 16:17).  His wrath is severe!

But even after all the warnings there are still unrepentant people who continue to rebel against God and refuse to acknowledge the Savior - the One who can rescue them from eternal doom.

Let this be a reminder of just how much God hates sin.   Sin has consequences. Revelation 18:4 NIV “Then I heard another voice from Heaven say: “Come out of her (Babylon), My people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.”

Jesus declares that He will return to end sin once and for all and to claim those who love Him as His own.  Are you ready?

by Bonnie Reed, Women's Ministry Team

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