Do you need a savior from sin? Do I need a savior from sin? Most of us tend to think we’re pretty good people compared with the next person. In today’s One Year Bible reading from Exodus 19-21, God gives the Ten Commandments to Moses and the nation of Israel. We might think of them as the “gold standard” for what God wants and expects from us.

So, I may feel for myself that I’ve pretty much kept the Ten Commandments, but when I get to the last one which deals with matters of the mind and what I think about, I get nailed. Too often I’ve wanted and coveted what others have (even if what I think may not be so obvious to others, but God knows my heart and mind, and He’s told us not to sin in this way!). And then maybe the first commandment too, about no other gods before the Lord—again, God hasn’t always been number one in my mind and in my life. And I haven’t kept all of the others either.

Adam and Eve’s fellowship with God in the Garden of Eden was broken by just one infraction, one sin. I’m guilty too of breaking the Ten Commandments, I am a sinner, but I’ve trusted Jesus as my Savior from the penalty of sin, and you can too! If you haven’t already done so, let the Ten Commandments clearly point you to your need of Jesus as Savior.

by Bob Busenitz, Elder

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