Today’s reading includes the Parable of the Tenants that is found in Mark 12:1 – 12. In the previous section (Mark 11:27 – 33), the Jewish religious leaders had challenged Jesus’ authority. Jesus answered their no-win question with one of His own: Was the baptism (authority) of John from heaven or from man? After they refused to answer Him, He responded with this parable of impending judgment.

In this parable, the owner of the vineyard represents God. The vineyard is Israel. The tenants of the vineyard are the Jewish religious leaders. The vineyard owner’s servants represent God’s prophets. And the son is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus was saying to the religious leaders that just as the owner of the vineyard destroyed the tenants in the parable because they rejected the owner’s servants and then his son, so God would destroy Israel’s religious leaders because they rejected His prophets and His Son! In verse 12, we read their response. They understood that Jesus spoke this parable against them and sought for a way to arrest Him. BUT they also feared the people, so they left Him alone.
In verse 12, Jesus says that the owner of the vineyard will give the vineyard to others… So, who are these “others”? It refers to the mostly Gentile church that came into being after Pentecost!
And it refers to His church today; us! If you have trusted in Christ to be your Lord and Savior, then there is no impending judgment awaiting you. Instead, we have a place in heaven reserved for us. Praise the Lord!

by Paul Schmidt, Elder

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