From Luke 2:36 - 52
When Jesus was eight days old His parents took Him to the temple to dedicate Him to the Lord as was required in the law. They were met in the temple by Simeon, who must have been old because he was saying he could ,” Depart in peace,” and Anna, who was either 84 or had been a widow for 84 years. God used them to deliver a message to Jesus’ parents, and to, “Talk about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.”

The next time we see Jesus is when He is 12. He stayed in the temple when His parents went to go back home. They searched for Him for three days and found Him in His Father's house, the temple. He went home with them and submitted to them till the time of His ministry when He was 30.

We in America, in this day and age, don’t like to wait for anything. My boys in sports didn’t like to practice. They just wanted to play the game. They didn’t see that to be able to win their games they needed to prepare, to be better players.

If you are in a season of waiting, how are you spending your time? Anna and Simeon served everyday in the temple. My boys needed to practice regularly to be better ball players. We need to actively wait. While we are waiting we should be working to further God’s kingdom. We need to take the time to prepare ourselves so all God has to do is nudge us as Simeon was moved by the Spirit to go to the temple at the right time to be able to hold Jesus.

by Rick Kisner, Deacon

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