Proverbs 12:8&9
"A man will be praised according to his insight, but one of perverse mind will be despised. Better is he who is lightly esteemed and has a servant, then he who honors himself and lacks bread."

My Dad had many one liners that he used whenever he could. He would throw them out there just to see what your reaction would be. One of these was “A man who spends an hour telling you how great he is, is usually just blowing hot air.” He would tell us to judge a man’s worth by what he accomplishes, not by how great he tells you he is. It has been a good rule to follow. I believe it is a great interpretation of these two verses. First, do not brag on yourself, let what you have accomplished speak for you. Be humble when it comes to your own reputation. Second, it is better to be thought of lightly and be in control of yourself and your possessions than to brag on yourself and what you have done and have nothing.

Proverbs is such a great book. It is as if God set about giving us a guidebook of common sense. I cannot tell you how many times I have found comfort in its pages. But then again, I could say the same about all of Scripture. I hope that all of you take advantage of what the Bible has to say on a daily basis. We all need its comfort and guidance.

As an aside, my Dad also stressed to us over and over again, “the world is going to think you are crazy, why open your mouth and prove them right!” Now those are also great words to live by!

by Paul Kightlinger, Elder

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