(16)" Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I (am) lonely and afflicted. (17) The troubles of my heart have grown large. Bring me out of my distresses. (18) Consider my afflictions and my pain, and forgive all my sins. (19) Consider my enemies, for they are many and they hate me with a violent hatred. (20) Guard my soul and deliver me. Do not let me be put to shame, for I seek refuge in you. (21) Let integrity and uprightness protect me, for I wait for you. (22) Redeem Israel, O God, out of all her troubles." NLV

Ever feel like things are just not going so well and life's problems are just piling up on us? King David felt the pressures of life just like we do, and he was the king of Israel. In Psalm 25:16-22 David reaches out to God in prayer and asks God to be gracious to him in all he was facing. I love the way Moses also reached out to God in Numbers 6:25 when he asks God to “make His face shine on you and be gracious to you”, I think when were in the midst of a struggle the thing we need to see most clearly is a gracious loving God leaning in to focus on our prayers and our heart. I remember once when my daughter Stacey wanted to get my attention. She just kind of grabbed my head and pulled it directly in front of her face and made sure I was focused on her. Kind of seems like David is doing that to God. David is feeling lonely and afflicted (vr16) and asks for God’s help. David asks God to consider the pain and infliction he is feeling but also asks for forgiveness of all of his sins. Great place to start as we seek our father’s help.
David not only struggled within but also faced struggles with enemies that hated him “violent hatred of him” vs 19 In the midst of all he is facing he asks for help from the only One that can help him. He asked God to guard his soul, deliver him from them and not let him be put to shame. He also asks God to help him lead a life a life of “integrity and uprightness”. (vs 21) I n the last part of his prayer he also prays for redemption for his nation and then he waits for God to answer his prayers for his nation. David gives us insight in to how to be honest and focused on God. In just a few short verses he brings the importance of seeking God honestly and how to ask God for help when things are just tough, and we need His presence.

by Jerry Hull, Pastor of Children's Ministry

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